Heat Recovery from Engine Cooling

Our skids can be easily integrated as a retrofit to existing power generation systems, recovering waste heat from the cooling jackets of engines fueled by vegetable oil or biogas, thus significantly increasing overall performance.

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Heat Recovery From Industrial Processes

It is possible to use our power generation modules to recover waste heat produced by various industrial processing systems such as furnaces, paint ovens and such by inserting a heat exchanger in the flue gases path and connecting it to our systems.

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Power Generation from Biomass

Our systems are absolutely not limited to waste heat recovery, quite the contrary: their very high efficiency makes them a very good choice for primary power generation by connecting them to biomass-fueled boilers.

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Power Generation From Geothermal Heat

The low boiling point of our unique working fluid allows our systems to efficiently exploit even low-temperature sources. You don't need a geyser: a hot spring or a geothermal well may be able to supply water hot enough to be used.

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Power Generation From Solar Heat

The big problem with thermodynamic (concentration-type) solar power plants has always been storing heat to let the plant work during unfavorable times (e.g. night, bad weather). Our ORC systems may have the upper hand in this application with regard to traditional steam-operated systems, as their lower working temperatures may not necessarily require exotic substances such as molten salts for heat storage.

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