Post-Sale Maintenance


We build our ORC modules compact as a van and tough as a tank, but no equipment can live long without an appropriate and sensible maintenance plans. So, to keep 'em rolling, Texas Green Technologies offers its client several different post-sale maintenance services:

  • Ordinary maintenance services, i. e. periodical visits, checks, updates and whatever else is needed to insure that your ORC system is always at peak performance.
  • Extraordinary maintenance services: quite simply, if it breaks, we fix it.
  • Full-service maintenance services : the payment of an annual forfait guarantees both ordinary and extraordinary maintenance with a fixed down payment that simplifies accountancy;
  • Remote telediagnostics: an Internet-enabled control system allows our specialized technicians full access to the system's working parameters and diagnostics, allowing remote fine-tuning and optimization as well as preemptive maintenance (spare part substitution before the part actually fails)
  • Personnel instruction: our systems are built to be run mostly without intervention on the customer's part, and an extended start-up phase is performed by our personnel, working side by side with the client’s employees, thus giving them a first-hand, in the field, hands-on training targeted to make sure that the client’s personnel acquires the know-how and manual skills required to operate the plant and perform ordinary maintenance themselves, in full autonomy.
    However, if you had to change your staff or in any case you need to keep your personnel informed on how to perform basic operation and maintenance, we've got you covered.

Personal maintenance plans can also be custom-tailored to your needs. Just ask us.