Pre-Sale Consultancy


consultancy meeting

Texas Green Technologies does not just sell you a plant : it offers you a full-fledged engineering consultancy service dedicated to inegrating our plant with your existing technology.

The first step is usually an up-to-date energy balance checkup : this is the moment in which current power consumption and production needs are evaluated and future production needs estimated.

The next step involves a verification of fuel specifications - by analyzing both the raw biomass and its combustion products including flue gases and ashes.

Then, all applicable technology integration paths  between old and new plants are evaluated, finding the most advantageous path both from a logistic and economical standpoint for the newly generated electric and thermal enegy flows.

Once the former data has been acquired, it is time for thge final plant sizing, which includes locating the best area where to place the skid-mounted energy module, the fuel storage areas, and where to place the accessory plant (such as cooling towers).

Operative projects are then submitted to the client's attention for final approval.

Once the project has been approved and the order received, the plant is assembled and installed entirely by the personnel of Texas Green Technologies and its consociates under the supervision of the engineers who designed the plant itself.

Once the plant has been tested, started up and accepted, collaboration with Texas Green Technologies may continue; we can supply  maintenance contracts and plans tu suit all your needs, from ordinary on-call maintenance to  lifetime full-risk.

Operational training and the possibility of continuous remote plant monitoring  complete the package that Texas Green Technologies offers its clients.