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Manager: Nordpower Srl.
Plant Location: Meran (Italy)
Plant Type: 1 x LT-ORC ZE-50-ULH LT-ORC Module
Application: Waste heat recovery from wood-pellet gasifiers and from cooling jackets & exhausts of syngas-fueled engines.

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The client who commissioned this plant - Nordpower srl - is an ad-hoc enterprise having its site in a suburb of Merano/Meran, not far from the northern border of Italy, created for the purpose of producing electric power as a technological demonstrator of the technology combining the Burkhardt gasifiers and ORC systems.

The plant to which our LT-ORC system has been attached is made of two wood pellet gasifiers made by the German firm Burkhardt, producing combustible gas fuel (syngas) for two power generators based on custom-modified MAN engines having an overall power output of 360kWE.

The ZE-50-ULH Low Temperature Organic Rankine Cycle (LT-ORC) module supplied by Texas Green Technologies' Italian partner, Zuccato Energia, takes thermal power both from the gasifiers – by recovering the waste heat created in the pyrolitic process which would otherwise wasted in the output gases – and from the power generators, by recovering both the waste heat derived from the cooling jackets and flue gases.

This ORC module adds a further 45 kWE to the 360 kWE produced by the gasifier/engine plant , thus raising the total power output to 405 kWE and increasing performance by about 9% with respect to the "naked" system. The skid we used in this installation was a standard model, and its compactness allowed installation in the same technical space which hosts the gasifiers and the engines.

The fuel used by the gasifiers is locally-produced wood pellets. As is the case in all biomass-fueled systems, this plant has zero CO2 impact, as the carbon dioxide released during gasification and combustion is the same which had been captured during the growth of the trees from which the pellet comes.

The following are some photos of this installation. Hover on an image thumbnail to see it enlarged in the main picture.

Nordpower Srl (Meran, Italy)
Nordpower Srl (Meran, Italy)
Nordpower Srl (Meran, Italy)
Nordpower Srl (Meran, Italy)