About Us

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Texas Green Technologies is a USA-based company which delivers an integrated solution for the capture and use of industrial heat. With an extensive and unique knowledge of the ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle)system applications, together with the expertise to convert most thermal sources into electrical power, we design, manufacture and install power plants to increase our customer’s power production.

Our Mission

To provide our customers with the best turnkey solution to achieve energy efficiency by using our environmentally friendly and innovative technologies backed by the expertise of our team.

Our Values

The strong points which distinguish Texas Green Technologies:

  • Efficient and Clean Power Generation
  • Customer Focused
  • Driven by Innovation and Technology
  • Ethical
  • Sustainable Development-Energy Efficiency, Environmental, Social and Financial Benefits
  • Profitable Delivery of High Value/High Quality Products and Projects

Our Management Team

The managerial team leading Texas Green Technology is quite atypical, as academic titles do not count as much as the hard-earned experience each member has matured in its own specific sector through years of work. The following are some profiles of this experience-rich team.

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Nick Giurgea - Administrator

Nick Giurgea was the President and CEO at HRS Energy responsible for operations, engineering, project management and execution. He also played a key role in design, automation and controls for HRS’s heat recovery systems and business intelligence products. Prior to founding HRS Energy Inc. Nick was President at WOW Energy Inc. responsible for design of Heat Recovery systems based on Organic Rankine Cycle and Multi Pollution Control System that will clean flue gas of pollutants NOx, SOx, Mercury and CO2 in one pass. He was also involved in marketing and creating a network of customers worldwide. Nick also served on the board of directors. Prior to that he was General Manager at Omni Flow Corporation where he managed all aspects of product manufacturing and services, as well having responsibility for European sales. He was a member of the original group of employees that founded Omni Flow, establishing its detailed product specifications and managing delivery of Omni Flow products to the market. Between 1987 and 1993 Nick was involved in design and project management for Automaker Inc. a robotics and automation start up, and was involved in technology investments, new product lines and strategic partnerships. Nick is a member of ISA (Instrumentation Society of America) and Six Sigma, and holds an MS in Electronics Engineering from the University of Bucharest in Romania.
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Alessandro Zuccato - Administrator

Born in Verona on October,15,1965, Alessandro Zuccato is the sole director of Zuccato Energia.
Involved in managerial activities since 1989, and with a long experience in the management of high-tech research and developent project, he is also one of the founders of Intercomp, one of the leading Italian computer manufacturers. He is also the holder of several patents in the fields of medical engineering, medical devices, nanotechnologies and materials science.

Technical Staff


Texas Green Technologies employs a dynamic, innovative team of young engineers who research, develop, supervise and manage each order from quotation to post-sales. All design and creation activities are made by a specialized team of engineers using the latest software and specific programmes for study and analysis as well as numerical and solid modeling. Each unit is tested under nominal operational parameters for 48 hours on a specific testbench under the supervision of our engineers to verify the congruency between design and actual specifications. The purpose of our technical department is to offer a complete engineering consultancy service both before and after the sale, to realize a plant that fully satisfies the client's needs.

Research and Development

Texas Green Technologies, a young, highly innovative and progress-oriented firm because of its will to obtain concrete and reliable results, constantly invests own capitals in human resources to feed its R&D department. Universities and high-level Research Centres place the final validation seal on the obtained results, by checking and certifying them. This is the reason we can be proud of our exclusive technologies.

The Environment and Us

Always keeping an eye on environment-related themes, Texas Green Technologies strives to put care for the environment in every step of the design and production of its turbogenerators. For this reason, each workphase, design and material used have been thought from the beginning to have as little an environmental impact as possible.
As an example, Texas Green Technologies:

  • Relies on environmentally-friendly office practices, such as low-consumption PCs and monitors, energy-saving lamps and FSC-certified recycled paper;
  • Uses environment-friendly equipment and substances throughout its research and production pipeline.

Furthermore,our systems...

  • Are entirely built using 100% recyclable and reconditionable materials and components;
  • Use exclusively environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, non-explosive expanding fluids;
  • Contribute to energy production without increasing CO2 levels
  • Are absolutely ozone-friendly, using no CFC or other ozone-depleting gases;
  • Do not contribute to global warming. 

Working Hours

Our offices are open to the public from Monday to Friday, from 8.30 to 12.30 and from 14.00 to 18.00.

We will be glad to receive your visit at any moment during office hours - however, we run very busy agendas, so it would be a good idea anyway to contact us beforehand to schedule a visit or a demonstration.